Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of passionate experts are here to help at every step of the way. Please get in touch with a member of our team if you would like to discuss your very own Aston Martin J.Laverack .1R bicycle commission.

What is the price of the .1R?


How do I order a .1R?

You can order a .1R directly from J.Laverack Bicycles. You can also order through your local Aston Martin dealership.

To discuss and commission your very own .1R please contact us by phone or email:

To secure your build slot and bike fit appointment at Aston Martin Gaydon please title your email with ‘Secure Build Slot’.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +44 (0)1572 503572

Where can I see the .1R?

Details on where you can view a .1R can be found here;


Please let us know if you would like to see the .1R at your local Aston Martin dealership.

What accessories are included with the .1R?

Every .1R will be accompanied by the following accessories as standard;

A beautifully designed and extremely strong aluminium luxury travel case. A carbon fibre travel case upgrade is available on request.

A matching track pump featuring Alcantara or leather covered handles.

A handmade wooden case for titanium saddle adjustment collars and bespoke tools.

Are the bikes numbered and will there be a limited quantity of .1R bikes made?

Each .1R will be numbered with availability being limited by production capacity. Each .1R requires over 1000 hours to be made from start to finish.

Where will the bike fit be based?

All customers will be invited to Aston Martin headquarters in Gaydon (CV35 0DB) for a bike fit and spec session with J.Laverack co-founders Oliver Laverack and David Clow as well as a factory tour.

Is the bike fit included within the price quoted?

Yes, the bike fit and factory tour are included in the price of the bike.

Where is the bicycle made?

With only a few exceptions such as the groupset, every part of the .1R is made in England.

Can I purchase a .1R using my existing bike fit details?

Whilst we would highly recommend visiting Aston Martin headquarters in Gaydon for a bike fit we acknowledge that it may not be convenient for everyone and therefore we are able to work with existing bike fit information. If you do not have any prior bike fit information, we can guide you through a remote bike fit to achieve a comfortable and efficient riding position.

What does the .1R weigh as a complete bike?

From 7.5kg.

Is the .1R available for both men and women?

Yes, every .1R is made for the individual and due to the bespoke nature every 3D printed part and carbon fibre tube is made specifically to suit the rider. A bike fit with co-founder David will help determine the most comfortable and efficient position.

What is the lead time for a.1R?

The first bikes will be delivered 5 months or 20 weeks after the final design scheme is signed off. The size of the build queue will determine the lead time going forwards.

Which groupsets can I opt for when commissioning my .1R?

The .1R will be available with Shimano Dura Ace Di2 semi-wireless, SRAM Red AXS Wireless, Campagnolo Super Record Wireless groupsets.

Can I change the components on my .1R when ordering?

Some components such as groupset, saddle and tyres can be changed to suit your preference however all other components are designed with specific tolerances to work together perfectly and therefore cannot be changed.

Can I change the saddle?

Yes, we highly recommend using the saddle you are most comfortable with. We find that the majority of customers get on well with the Brooks C13 145mm saddle that comes as standard.

What will the chainset be made from?

A combination of carbon arms, 3D printed titanium tips made to the exact length required and machined alloy chainrings. Both chainrings are a machined form a single piece of 7075 aluminium billet.

Can I buy spare parts for the bike?

Yes, spare parts will be available to owners of bikes indefinitely.

What is the service interval for my .1R?

Each .1R will be accompanied by a service interval booklet which will have an electronic counterpart to capture all work carried out to each bike and preserve the provenance of every commission.

A 12 month (or  3000 mile) service is recommended for continued  smooth running of your .1R.

Who can service my .1R?

All maintenance MUST be carried out by a highly trained J.Laverack Bicycles mechanic for the warranty to remain valid.

The exceptions to this include the following minor workshop work;

  • Tyre changes
  • Saddle chanages
  • Cassette changes
  • Re-indexing of gears
  • Wheel truing

How do I get my .1R serviced if I don’t live in the UK?

We can arrange for a bike to be collected in the travel case that comes with the bike or alternatively we can send out a J.Laverack master mechanic who can service the bike from the comfort of your home or any address where the bike is located.

What is the warranty on my .1R?

The frame, forks, stem and handlebar carry a 10 year warranty.

All other components carry a 5 year warranty with the groupset being warranted by the original manufacturer.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of items such as the chain, brake pads, tyres, chainrings, the Alcantara covering on the handlebars and saddle and any bearings.

What happens if I crash my .1R, can it be repaired?

Yes, we can inspect each element of the frame using non destructive testing methods and replace parts that are damaged.

Can I use a Cyclescheme voucher?

We do not accept Cyclescheme vouchers for the .1R.

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