The J.Laverack Story

Founded by good friends and cycling comrades Oliver Laverack and David Clow, J.Laverack Bicycles has made a name for itself creating exclusive, class leading and award winning made to measure bicycles. 
At the core of this duo’s partnership lies a shared passion for the beautiful and endlessly rewarding sport of cycling which is rooted in the exploration of new places including our home county of Rutland.
Every commission is lovingly designed by co-founders Oliver Laverack and David Clow who obsess over every detail ensuring each frame is technically and aesthetically perfect.

With a keen eye for detail, an unrivalled understanding of bicycle geometry and many years of reviewing and testing bicycles for numerous magazines and websites, Oliver’s obsession with bicycles is the technical cornerstone of J.Laverack Bicycles. 

“Inspired by my Grandad’s adventures by bike and the desire to create my own perfect ‘do anything bike’ I began designing my first bespoke bicycle. This first creation would later become the J.ACK, a true four season titanium road bike that also helped pave the way for the acceptance of disc brakes on road bikes. Since our inception we have always strived to blend innovative design with timeless styling to create hand crafted products that will stand the test of time.”

With a graphic design background David assumes the position of chief designer at J.Laverack. His aesthetically focussed eye is always aspiring to achieve a clean and timeless design. David tells us that he applies some simple rules to much of what he does; 

“You have to think very hard about what you are going to leave out of a design. Only the items that add something deserve a place. Strip away the non-essentials to return it to a pure, simple and honest state.”

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