A shared passion

At the heart of the .1R is the shared quest between J.Laverack and Aston Martin to pursue excellence and always push the boundaries of design and engineering innovation

A Dream Design

The mission? Create a hypercar. The process? Assemble a crack team of automotive designers, engineers and component manufacturers, and give them free rein and limitless resources. No off-the-shelf components. No compromises. The result? The Aston Martin Valkyrie.

The mission? Create the world’s first hyperbike. The process? Assemble an elite team with the Aston Martin Valkyrie and podium-topping Formula One cars on their CVs, and give them free rein and limitless resources. No off-the-shelf components. No compromises. The result? The J.Laverack Aston Martin .1R.

Setting new standards of bespoke

The rider is the engine. Optimising your performance depends on a flawless fit with your bicycle. Is it comfortable mile after mile? Can you breathe? Can you apply blistering power through the pedals when the mood takes you?

Every .1R starts with a specialist half-day bike fit at Aston Martin HQ. Every tube and angle is micro-measured to your unique dimensions. 3D printing ensures unprecedented levels of precision. The .1R is a truly tailor-made bicycle.

Carbon by UK Formula One specialists

Not all carbon fibre is created equal. Subject to extreme forces, carbon tubes have to be light, strong and, in the case of the .1R, aesthetically beautiful. The secret lies in the weave.

The .1R’s super-lightweight carbon is the same grade used in aerospace and Formula One.
Its herringbone weave is painstaking to make, taking 10 times longer than standard carbon. But it’s worth it. Allied to the carbon’s irresistibly attractive symmetricity is its otherworldly performance.

From fine metal powder to fine art

It takes state-of-the-art machinery and world class manufacturing expertise to engineer titanium parts to tolerances of fractions of a millimetre.

Boasting a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any metallic element, titanium also delivers unmatched durability. Combine this with phenomenal stiffness to transfer the rider’s power to the road, and exceptional compliance to minimise vibrations, and the result is an awesomely smooth, efficient ride.

Ultimate Craftsmanship

Strap into the phenomenal Aston Martin Valkyrie and the first touch point is the beautiful suede-like Alcantara seat. This uncompromising 1,000 horse power hypercar is closer in DNA to a Formula One racing machine than a road car, which explains the minimalist, weight-saving philosophy throughout its cockpit.

So, when deciding how to wrap the beautiful carbon handlebars of the J.Laverack Aston Martin .1R, there was only one choice – the same Alcantara that features in the Aston Martin Valkyrie. It’s blissfully soft, breathable, hard-wearing, resistant to light and heat, cool in summer and warm to the touch in winter.

Ground Breaking

Designed exclusively for the .1R, the seamlessly integrated hydraulic brakes are an engineering triumph. Microscopically measured to the exacting tolerances of a Swiss watch, each caliper is precision machined from a single block of high-strength aluminium.

A spark erosion process then completes the details that cannot be achieved from CNC machining so the calipers integrate perfectly with the frame and fork. This hidden bolt approach completely conceals the hydraulic cables.

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