Ground Breaking

Genius engineering, cutting edge manufacturing, beautiful design and unbeatable performance combine to stunning effect in the .1R’s hydraulic disc brakes.

The .1R’s brakes display an abundance of innovative thinking and world firsts. The calipers have been designed exclusively for the bicycle and are made to the exacting tolerances of a Swiss watch. This allows them to form an integral part of the frame and fork, completely concealing the hydraulic cables and bolts. Four pistons provide unrivalled modulation for confidence-inspiring stopping power. 

The pistons are made from titanium, then nitride coated to minimise friction and resist wear. 

Each caliper is precision machined from a single block of high-strength aluminium. A spark erosion process then completes microscopic details that cannot be achieved by CNC machining. 

The brakes have been mercilessly tested on a rig designed by Formula One engineers to ensure they perform flawlessly.

The tiny piston caps and 160mm rotor, complete with titanium centre and stainless steel braking surface, are inspired by the honeycomb design of the Aston Martin Valkyrie’s wheels.

Both the rotor and caliper are finished in an advanced, heat-resistant ceramic coating in a choice of colours.

“The design process, machining tolerances, and materials used are light years ahead of standard disc brakes, and are closer in DNA to processes deployed in Formula One.”

Oliver Laverack, Co-Founder, J.Laverack


31 Oct 2023

The J.Laverack Aston Martin .1R bike fit process combines state-of-the-art laser measurements with body-scanning software and the expert eye of a specialist bike fitter at the headquarters of Aston Martin.

31 Oct 2023

The spellbinding J.Laverack Aston Martin .1R was developed from scratch, using the same processes, skill and care devoted to creating Aston Martin’s cars.

31 Oct 2023

It takes state-of-the-art machinery and world class manufacturing expertise to engineer titanium parts to tolerances of fractions of a millimetre.

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